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Marco Rubio Has a 'Difference in Opinion' With Pope Francis on This Key Issue


"He is infallible in those decisions."

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. speaks during a luncheon program at the National Press Club in Washington, Tuesday, May 13, 2014. Younger voters would face higher retirement ages but all Americans could join federal retirement accounts in a plan proposed Tuesday by Sen. Rubio in his latest in a series of national policy prescriptions. (AP Photo/Molly Riley) AP Photo/Molly Riley

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio agrees with Pope Francis on "moral issues," but says that he has a "difference in opinion" with the pontiff when it comes to economic matters.

"I have a difference in opinion with him on economic models," Rubio said during a Fox News interview on Tuesday. "I believe that ... when he pronounces himself from the chair of Peter, which is very rare, he is infallible in those decisions."

The Florida senator, who is Catholic, continued, "That does not extend to political issues, like the economy."

Rubio said that Pope Francis does speak with "incredible authority" on moral issues, including the value of the unborn, marriage and the family.

But he said that it's a bit different when it comes to the economy, explaining that he believes the pontiff, based on his Latin American background, might improperly conflate "free enterprise" and "corporatism."

"On economic issues, the pope is a person and a head of state — head of the Vatican — and he has an opinion of economics," Rubio said.

Watch his comments below:

(H/T: Fox News)

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