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He Was Obviously Upset': Megyn Kelly Opens Up About Feud With Donald Trump, How Fox News Handled It


"He's running for president, it's not a fun business."

Fox News host Megyn Kelly opened up about her feud with Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, explaining to Charlie Rose how and why the cable-news network chose to handle it the way it did.

"Neither one of wanted any sort of war with Donald Trump," Kelly said. "We didn't think that benefited the channel, we didn't think it benefited me and we don't think it benefited Donald Trump — and I think Donald Trump would say that now."

"So we just sort of wanted to move forward, put a period at the end of it," she continued. "He was obviously upset. That's fine. He's running for president, it's not a fun business. And there are going to be ups and downs and I know he considered that a down. So we just wanted to forge forward and try to put it behind us, not pour any more fuel on that fire."

Trump was expected to meet with Fox News executives last week to discuss the network's coverage of his presidential campaign, but a meeting has still yet to take place. Since the first GOP debate, he has been at odds with Fox News, complaining often about how he is portrayed on the channel. Kelly, who Trump was particularly upset with, has mostly refused to comment on the feud.

"Do you want him back on your show?" Rose asked Kelly.

"I'm sure he'll come back on eventually," she said.

"Sooner rather than later?" Rose pressed.

"Well it has to be just right. I think that will be a big moment. Don't you think that will be a big television moment, right? So I think we have to handle it just right," Kelly explained. "It just can't pop him up there any night like I would any other presidential candidate. Because people will be anticipating that exchange. And I want to ask him all the things people want me to ask him."

Editor's note: A previous version of this story stated that Trump had met with Fox News executives. While a meeting was supposed to take place last week, network executives have still yet to meet with the real estate tycoon.

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