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See How Ben Carson Responds to Some of the Toughest 2016 Issues During 'Rapid-Fire Yes or No Q&A' With Glenn Beck


"Terrible. No, can’t do it."


Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson joined Glenn Beck on his radio show Wednesday to discuss a wide array of issues, including the Islamic State threat, faith and domestic spying.

Toward the end of the interview, Beck conducted a “rapid-fire” Q&A session seeking simple "yes or no” answers in an attempt to get a clear understanding of where Carson stands on some of the most important issues of the 2016 election. Some of the issues are too complicated for one-word answers, so the candidate also explained the context behind his answers.


Here’s a rundown of Carson’s responses on the issues.

Warrantless NSA domestic spying

“Terrible. No, can’t do it.”

Border fence

“The right kind of fence, yes….What has worked in the past, like in Yuma County, Arizona — a double fence with asphalt so you can get rapidly from point to point.”

Fine companies that hire illegals


Deport illegals

“If they qualify as illegals. I would give people the ability to register in a certain period of time and if they have pristine records and they are willing to work as guest workers under the circumstances that we survive, they could stay. But they don’t become citizens and they don’t vote.”

Do you continue the “war on drugs?”

“Absolutely, I intensify it.”

Climate change, is it man-made and can we do anything about it?

Well, climate always changes. It’s either going up or down. We do have a responsibility to take care of our environment. That’s the real issue.”

National standards for education

“Absolutely not. The closer education is to home, the better the education is.”

Should the U.S. remain part of the United Nations

“I do not like the United Nations and unless they change I would not participate, I would defund them.”

Watch the full clip via TheBlaze below:

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