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Opposing Coach Has ‘No Explanation’ for Cardinals RB's Insane 62-Yard Run After What Everyone Thought Was a Tackle


In a play that was likely instrumental in the Arizona Cardinals 26-18 win over the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night, running back Chris Johnson was wrapped up and pulled down by a defender — but never actually tackled.

Johnson actually rolled on top of Ravens nose tackle Brandon Williams, but his knee never came in contact with the ground. While everyone else on the field assumed the play was over, Johnson had enough awareness to get up and take off running for a 62-yard gain, setting his team up for another score.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh later told reporters he had “no explanation” for why referees didn’t blow the play dead because his “forward progress was stopped.”

“He declared himself down. He's sitting there. We shouldn't have hit him then. It would have been a dangerous play,” the coach added.

Watch the highlight below:


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