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Theologian Reveals the Major Challenge He Believes the 'Transgender Revolution' Poses — and Why Christians Shouldn't Attend Gay Weddings


"It is not an act of love to contribute to that confusion."

Famed theologian Dr. R. Albert Mohler recently returned to The Church Boys podcast for a second interview to further discuss his views on gay marriage and the transgender movement, proclaiming that the latter issue poses a major challenge to Christianity.

"The transgender revolution is a much greater challenge to Christianity even than same-sex relationships or even same sex marriage," Mohler said. "And that's because the issue of gender identity cuts right to the heart of what it means to be human, and what — according to a biblical worldview — it means to be made a man or a woman."

He continued, "This is a much more direct challenge."

Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and author of the new book “We Cannot Be Silent,” said that, from a Christian perspective, people who say that they are transgender are "actuality very confused about who they are."

He also went on to proclaim that it's essential to understand that gender is a part of "the goodness of God's creation."

Listen to Mohler discuss the transgender issue as well as his view on attending gay marriage ceremonies below:

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"It is not an act of love to contribute to that confusion," he said. "And that's really difficult."

Speaking also of the gay marriage debate, he said that Christians should not attend same-sex ceremonies — even celebrations that might be for close friends and loved ones.

"Attendance at a wedding means consent to the rightness of the union," Mohler said. "Christians cannot ... imply consent or agreement with the wedding ... attending a wedding is a specific kind of affirmation and consent."

While he encouraged believers to be hospitable, Mohler also went on to say that it is not an act of love for Christians to mislead someone into assuming that they believe in gay unions when they actually do not.

"If you are willing to compromise conviction to the point that you will affirm what you do not believe even actually is a union than I don't  believe that's showing the kind of love that, unfortunately, millions of people in this society think that is now required of us," Mohler said.

We'll leave you with his first interview with The Church Boys below, during which he detailed the missteps that he believes Christians have made when it comes to the issue of homosexuality:


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