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New Hampshire Voter Hits Hillary Clinton With Tough Scandal Question at Town Hall — Watch How She Handles It


"There were unfortunately a lot of partisans."

Image source: YouTube

A New Hampshire voter asked Hillary Clinton a blunt question at a town hall meeting about her history of scandals, including Whitewater from the 1990s and, more recently, Benghazi and her emails.

Clinton responded by pinning the accusations on "partisans" trying to "attack" her husband Bill Clinton's administration.

"I wish you'd go back and read the history of the 1990s," Clinton said. "Because clearly there were unfortunately a lot of partisans who thought that the best way to work with my husband’s administration was through attacks of all kinds, all of which washed out."

The Democratic candidate reminded voters that after the Whitewater scandal she was elected to the Senate in New York, a "pretty tough place to run for office from."

As for the most recent scandals — Benghazi and her emails while she was secretary of state — Clinton referred the voter to the congressional hearing at which she testified for hours.

"I advise you to go back and read my 11 hours of testimony," Clinton added. "I hope you enjoy it."

(H/T: Mediaite)

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