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White Advocate for Black Lives Matter Tears Confederate Flag Sticker From Pickup Truck and Replaces It With Something Else


"I don't care if it's your 'heritage.' Racism is nothing to be proud of."

A self-described feminist and Black Lives Matter advocate tore a Confederate flag sticker from a pickup truck and replaced it with a handwritten message correcting the owner's "racism."

And she recorded the whole thing.

Titling her tweet "Fixed it for you," Twitter user @LexaRice1 said on the clip that she spotted the sticker on her way home from work.

"A Confederate flag is inherently racist," she said on the clip as she tore off the sticker. "I'm recording this to show that it was not a black person that did this and so that no black person will be blamed for this."

The handwritten message she slapped back on the truck read as follows:

The Confederate flag is inherently RACIST. Under this flag, the South fought to defend slavery. This version of the flag was reinstated in the segregation era, again to defend racism. I don't care if it's your "heritage." Racism is nothing to be proud of. Sincerely, A WHITE WOMAN. ps: My whole family is from the South. Being Southern is no excuse.

While it appeared the majority of responses were positive, some pointed out that she committed a crime:

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)

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