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We Need to Start Calling It That': Glenn Beck Voices Harsh Words for the Black Lives Matter Movement


"They are terrorizing you."

Glenn Beck discussing the Black Lives Matter movement on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" Friday, Nov. 20.

Glenn Beck equated the Black Lives Matter movement to a "terrorist attack" Friday on The Glenn Beck Radio Program, saying, "Show me where I'm wrong."

Glenn Beck discussing the Black Lives Matter movement on The Glenn Beck Radio Program Friday, Nov. 20.

Beck said he believes the Black Lives Matter movement is applying the same methodology used during terrorism — but without the guns.

"What is the point of terrorism?" Beck said. "It is to get you to change to be so afraid that you change your behavior and you do as they want you to do. So while they haven't used guns, they are using intimidation and threats of violence and shouting you down, blackballing you — whatever it takes."

Beck's comments were sparked by discussion over Black Lives Matter protesters' recent invasion of a Dartmouth College library, where the activists harassed white students, calling one girl a "filthy white bitch."

"They are terrorizing you," Beck said of the incident. "What do you think that is when — when one of the girls, who supported Black Lives Matter at Dartmouth.  And she was in the library, and she was studying. And they pulled her out of her seat. ... She started crying."

Beck said filling people with "fear" is the "first step to terrorism."

"I think we need to start calling it that," Beck concluded. "We need to start being very, very clear."

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