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Ben Carson Is Asked Why He's Never Had Problems With Police. Here's His Matter-of-Fact Response.


"I was taught ..."

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was asked Saturday during a justice forum why he's never had problems with police, and he had a matter-of-fact answer.

"I was taught by my mother to be very respectful of authority," Carson told the crowd in Columbia, South Carolina.

He added that what's lacking is "mutual respect" between law enforcement and citizens. Carson also said that police becoming "people that you know" in communities would help to ease tensions and mistrust.

And while he didn't shy away from the fact that "rogue" police do abuse their authority, Carson added that he hasn't seen evidence of a "regular pattern" of police abusing minorities solely based on their skin color.

The relevant portion of the discussion begins at the 21-minute mark in the below video:

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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