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Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow Drops a Bomb: 'If Somebody Named Syed Leaves Your Party, Call the Cops


"Well I think, looks like a duck, acts like a duck..."

Dr. Keith Ablow sparked controversy Thursday afternoon, after he said during an interview that if someone named "Syed" leaves your party, then you should "call the cops."

While discussing Wednesday's San Bernardino massacre on Fox News' "America's Newsroom," show host Martha MacCallum said that the main suspect, Syed Farook, "fit the profile" of many homegrown Islamic terrorists, citing his actions in the year leading up to the attack.

Ablow agreed. "Well I think, looks like a duck, acts like a duck, we’ve gotta get ourselves out of denial," he said. "It's a duck!"

Ablow quickly turned the tables, questioning why President Barack Obama would want the nation to "disarm when we are under assault by radical Islam."

Then the Fox News contributor dropped his bombshell of a comment.

"Listen, if somebody named Syed leaves your party and people say, ‘Why is Syed leaving?’ — You know what, call the cops," Ablow said. "That’s the point we’re at in this country, and I’m sorry to say it, but we’re there. And to do otherwise would be called the psychological force of denial."

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