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Ornaments on This Palestinian Christmas Tree Are Not Exactly Little Angels


"Using Christmas to glorify Islamic terrorists is insane."

The Christmas tree at Al Quds University features Palestinian assailants who have killed Israelis. (Image source: Twitter)

A Christmas tree on display at a Palestinian university outside of Jerusalem was decorated with photos of terrorists who have killed Israelis.

The tree — which was set up at Al Quds University — included the unusual ornaments picturing perpetrators of violent attacks. Top Palestinian Authority officials regularly glorify these so-called “martyrs” by naming streets and sports tournaments after them and heaping praise on their families.

Israel Radio’s Arab affairs analyst Gal Berger reported that among those pictured were Palestinians involved with a wave of nearly daily violent attacks against Israelis that has been underway since September.

The pro-Israel organization Stand With Us noted that one of those pictured in a Christmas ornament is the late founder of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

“This is especially ironic considering many of these terrorists would have had no problem whatsoever with killing Jesus himself today, as he was a Jew in the land of Israel,” Stand With Us wrote, adding that the man in black standing next to the tree is a Palestinian Christian bishop.

“Using Christmas to glorify Islamic terrorists is insane,” the pro-Israel group added.

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