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Glenn Beck Makes Prediction About Christian Refugees if Ted Cruz is Elected President


"And they will make us stronger."

Glenn Beck claimed Thursday morning that, if GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) is elected, Christian refugees from the Middle East "will be safe, and they will be in America."

Beck's prediction comes the day after he chastised the U.S. government and the media, saying, "They really don't care about the Christians" in the Middle East. The radio host doubled down Thursday, adding, "The United States of America is absolutely shameful in what we're doing."

"If Ted Cruz is president of the United States, these 5,000 Christians will be safe, and they will be in America," Beck predicted, phoning into The Glenn Beck Radio Program from New York. "And they will make us stronger."

Beck, who has been traveling through several undisclosed countries this week, described the Christian refugees as "the closest to Pilgrims that we have seen on earth today." According to him, they are "unlike any" Christian community he has seen.

Beck has been very vocal in his criticism of the White House over the last several months, calling on President Barack Obama and his administration to take more Christian refugees. In fact, over the summer, the radio personality vowed to walk refugees over the U.S.-Mexico border, if it came to that.

“I’m telling you, right now, you get them to Mexico, and I’ll walk them across this damn border," Beck said emphatically, promoting his plan to raise money to help Christian refugees seeking safe haven in the Middle East.

To date, Mercury One's Nazarene Fund, the charity arm of Beck's organization, has raised $12 million toward rescuing Christian refugees in the Middle East.

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