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It Is Damn Near Criminal': Glenn Beck Says the U.S. Is Using Islamic State as a 'Pawn


"We are reaping what this out of control, immoral administration is sowing."

Glenn Beck shares his theory behind U.S. foreign policy on the Islamic State Monday, Dec. 14.

In a particularly fiery commentary Monday night, Glenn Beck charged the United States government with "harnessing" the Islamic State for its own gain.

"The president prefers ISIS contained. Why?" the show host asked on The Glenn Beck Program. "Because they are a pawn in their own documents for him to get what he wants: Assad out and to have a proxy war with Iran and Russia. It is shocking, it is infuriating, it is damn near criminal, but it is the truth according to their own documents."

Glenn Beck shares his theory behind U.S. foreign policy on the Islamic State Monday, Dec. 14.

The documents Beck was referencing is a recently released Department of Defense document from 2012, around the same time as the attacks in Benghazi, and the host says it backs up his claim that U.S. foreign policy "supports ISIS," which he describes as "quite a charge."

Beck went on to outline three specific "goals" from the document.

"Development of the current events into a proxy war: with support from Russia, China, and Iran, the regime is controlling the areas of influence," Beck read from the declassified document.

According to Beck, the "current events" is referring to the Arab Spring and the Syrian Civil War, which he believes developed into a proxy war "with Russia and Iran siding with [Syrian President Bashar al-]Assad against the West," which he believes was President Barack Obama's goal.

The document then references "opposition forces" seeking to control the eastern areas of Iraq. Beck posited that those opposing forces have since developed into the Islamic State.

"What was [Obama administration's] plan? Not to defeat [the Islamic State], to harness it, and use them for regime change," Beck charged. "We supported their efforts — our foreign policy was actually to support and harness ISIS in order to get what we wanted, which was to get Assad out."

Beck then said that politicians and voters on the left who claim the U.S. "gets involved in other people's crap" should pay attention to this because it "is an example and it's in documents from the DOD."

"This is obscene — what we're doing," Beck said emphatically.

The document went on to describe, "If the situation unravels, there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist [or Sunni Islamic reform movement] principality in Eastern Syria, and that's exactly what the supporting powers of the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion."

Beck believes the "undeclared Salafist principality" is the Islamic State, and the U.S. policy was to support them.

"Incredibly, ISIS running roughshod all over Syria and Iraq is exactly what this administration wanted," Beck said. "ISIS is the fruit of the Obama administration's labor — let that sink in and spread the word, and show the document."

According to Beck, the president's administration wanted an "extremist group" fighting Assad in order to topple his leadership, "and that's exactly what has happened."

"Look at what's happened since ISIS has arrived: They have not been destroyed, they have not been contained. Team Obama would like you to believe that ISIS caught them by surprise, but, in reality, they saw ISIS coming," Beck insisted. "They said, 'They're junior league. We'll be able to use them in a proxy war.' And the consequences have been devastating."

Beck concluded by asking, "Would Paris have happened  if the U.S. had "destroyed ISIS rather than contain them?"

"We are reaping what this out of control, immoral administration is sowing," he said.

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