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We Now Know Why NBA Star J.J. Redick Literally Ran Away From Fox Sports Anchor in Middle of Interview


"He's gone."

Image source: Twitter

NBA Star J.J. Redick was in the middle of a post-game interview Monday night when he suddenly bolted off the floor, leaving the Fox Sports reporter curious as to what had just happened.

Redick and the Los Angeles Clippers had just defeated the Detroit Pistons in overtime by a score of 105-103. Redick scored 24 points.

"J.J., to be able to grind out a win like that, what does it say about your basketball team?" the Fox Sports reporter asked.

Redick, looking around him around, responded by saying, "Great win for us, I just think we showed a lot of resolve." But that's when he bolted away into the locker room.

"He's gone," the reporter said, shocked, as the camera showed another man looking around.

It was unclear why the basketball star abruptly ended the interview until NBA TV later explained that he just didn't want to have to dance.

"JJ was in a hurry because the last Clipper player into the locker room has to dance," a tweet read. "JJ wasn't having any of that."

(H/T: Bleacher Report)

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