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Expert: You Can Expect This Famous Piece of 'Star Wars' Technology to Be Available In 'Near Future


"It's in the near future."

Will we soon be communicating through 3D holograms, like those featured in "Star Wars," or they still light years away?

We asked one of the world's foremost hologram experts, Jason Sapan, or Dr. Laser, who has worked on special effects for major motion pictures including "Vanilla Sky" and "The Matrix."

"It's in the near future," Sapan told TheBlaze last week. "So we are not talking about what we can do this moment but we are projecting as to, well, years form now what will be possible."

Sapan, however, did acknowledge that while this sort of technology is likely in our future it could still take some time.

"First off, its science fiction," he said. "It's in a galaxy far away."

Any one can visit his studio-workspace at Holographic Studios in midtown Manhattan

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