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He's Got This Cloud Over His Head': Trump Questions Whether Cruz Is Eligible for Presidency


"People have doubt."

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump questioned Wednesday whether 2016 rival Ted Cruz would be eligible to hold the nation's highest office.

Speaking to CNN, the real estate mogul elaborated on earlier comments he made to the Washington Post in which he said the Texas senator's birth in Canada might pose a "big problem."

"Here's what I think I'd do. I'd go and seek a declaratory judgement if I was Ted," Trump said.

He added, "You got to federal court and ask for what's called a declaratory judgement. You go in seeking the decision of the court without a court case. You go right in. You go right before a judge. You do it quickly. It can go quickly. Declaratory judgement."

Trump said "there is a doubt" on the legal issue and said if Cruz wins the nomination it would certainly come up.

"If Ted should eke it out ... and he's got this cloud over his head, I don't think it's going to be possible for him to do very well. I don't think it's actually possible for the Republicans to let it happen, because he's go this cloud," the billionaire said.

Trump urged Cruz to go to court immediately — "like tomorrow, like this afternoon" — to seek judgement.

"People have doubt," Trump said.

In an interview with CNN, Cruz all but shrugged his shoulders at the suggestion he wasn't eligible to be president, saying it was a "non-issue."

"The legal issue is straightforward," he said. "Listen, the Constitution and the laws of the United States are straightforward. The very first Congress defined the child of a U.S. citizen born abroad as a natural-born citizen."

Cruz also adamantly stated he has never had a Canadian passport.

"Of course not," he said.

The attacks on Cruz come as the Iowa caucuses approach on Feb. 1. According to the Real Clear Politics average, Cruz has a slight lead over Trump in the Hawkeye State.

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