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On One of the Worst Days of His Life, Dad Gets Pulled Over by a Cop. First, He Was ‘Agitated’ — but He’ll ‘Never, Ever Forget’ What Occurred.


"I will never, ever forget this, nor will my family."

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Indiana State Police Sgt. Todd Durnil pulled a man over Monday in Indianapolis for speeding. But after talking to the distraught truck driver, Durnil decided to let the man off, not with a warning, but a with prayer.

Rodney Gibson, a 60-year-old man who had just received news that his daughter was dying of breast cancer, was so devastated that he did not realize he was speeding, WRTV-TV reported.

Gibson later told the Bloomington Herald-Times that he was a bit curt with Sgt. Durnil when he pulled him over.

Durnil was inspecting Gibson’s vehicle when he noticed an angel pin tucked into the truck's visor that was identical to the one he keeps in his cruiser.

The officer told WRTV that Gibson told him ”with tears in his eyes" that the pin was a gift from his daughter to help keep him safe while driving. Gibson then told Durnil about the unfavorable cancer diagnosis.

Durnil told WRTV that instead of issuing a ticket or even a warning, he planned on asking his family and church to pray for Gibson.

"He still seemed agitated, but not as bad, and he apologized, saying, 'I'm sorry, I usually don't act this way, I've just been going through a lot,'" Durnil told WRTV.

Gibson told the Herald-Times that when Durnil asked him if there was anything else he could do, he “sarcastically asked him if he knew how to pray.”

"It was about my daughter at this point,” the trucker said.

Durnil, who had already resolved to pray for Gibson, agreed.

"Here I was thinking this man needs prayer, and now he's asking me for a prayer," Durnil told WRTV. "The good Lord put us together for a purpose."

"He reached for my hand, and this man sent up a prayer for my daughter and for my family that sent chills all over my body," Gibson told the Herald-Times. "I will never, ever forget this, nor will my family."

The next day, Gibson called the trooper's station to express his gratitude, WRTV reported.

(H/T: WRTV, Herald-Times)

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