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‘Hard Not to Cry’: Watch Candy Carson, Woman of Faith Behind Husband's Campaign, Play Powerful Rendition of ‘Via Dolorosa’


"Its a different way of expression..."

Meet Candy Carson, author, concert violinist, woman of faith behind Ben Carson's campaign for the GOP nomination.

Carson, who usually travels with her husband on the campaign trail, stopped by TheBlaze in NYC last week to share a few stories from her new book, "A Doctor in the House: My Life with Ben Carson," and play a couple hymns on the piano, something she's been doing since her childhood in inner-city Detroit.

"When we were growing up my mom was a church organist and she required all of us learn to play keyboard and one other instrument," Carson told TheBlaze.

"You develop a love for the discipline," she said. "Its a different way of expression, of emoting, find a way to help people understand certain things.... its a lovely way to relax."

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