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Movie About Miracles' That Was Inspired By Cancer-Striken Teen's Inspirational Reaction to Doctors' Simple Question


"A 'yellow day' is not a day when everything goes perfect."

Jeff Galle, producer and writer of the film "Yellow Day," recently appeared on The Church Boys podcast to discuss the origins and themes embedded in the new faith-based movie, which is currently showing in select theaters across the nation.

"Yellow Day," which is dubbed a "movie about miracles," is unique in a variety of respects. A family-friendly, kids film, it mixes animation and live-action scenes to create a truly unique theater experience — all while giving a major platform to faith, healing and the power of grace.

"What I wanted to do is give a space to the faith message," Galle said, citing other Christian filmmakers as his inspirations. "I was inspired by groups like the Kendricks and the Erwin brothers."

Listen to Galle discuss "Yellow Day" below:

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The movie is also episodic in nature, taking families and kids, alike, through "true stories and incredible miracles" that "show people when they accept grace, they are shaped into who they are meant to be," according to an official film description.

In fact, the title "Yellow Day" was derived from Krisanna Roberts' real-life story. Diagnosed with a brain tumor at an early age, she was told by doctors when she was just 15 years old that she only had six months to live.

And it's a response that she gave doctors not long after that inspired the filmmakers.

"Doctors asked her to name a color for the days she felt well," Galle explained.

Roberts answered "yellow" for the color's brightness — something that inspired Galle and his team to craft the movie title "Yellow Day."

Watch the "Yellow Day" trailer below:

Described as a "bright spirit," Roberts continues to be remembered for her positivity and for inspiring the masses.

"In her short time on earth, Krisanna taught others to ‘Live in Yellow,’" an official "Yellow Day" description explains. "In the movie, we bring her ‘Yellow Day’ to life, using imagery she loved, and showing how they related to grace in her life." 

While the film isn't focused solely on her plight, it tells many real-life stories of profound ups and downs.

"A 'yellow day' is not a day when everything goes perfect," Galle explained, noting that it is when — with both good and the bad experiences — "we accept grace in our life" and "God uses both to shape us into what we're meant to be."

Read more about "Yellow Day" here.


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