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Rand Paul: 'Trump Is a Delusional Narcissist and an Orange-Faced Windbag'


"A speck of dirt is way more qualified to be president."

Image source: Comedy Central

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul let the insults fly as he attacked fellow GOP presidential contender Donald Trump Monday night.

Appearing on Comedy Central's "Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore" Monday, Paul invoked his experience as an optical surgeon to draw an analogy between voters' love affair with the bombastic business mogul and a speck of dust in one's eye.

"Have you ever had a speck of dirt fly into your eye? Annoying, irritating, might even make you cry," Paul said. "But if the dirt doesn't go away, it'll keep scratching away at your cornea until it eventually blinds you with all its filth, and then it makes fun of you on CNN."

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) during an interview on Comedy Central's "Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore" (Image source: Comedy Central)

"Donald Trump is a delusional narcissist and an orange-faced windbag," Paul continued. "A speck of dirt is way more qualified to be president."

During the program, Paul said he would not compare Trump to Adolf Hitler — but he would compare him to Gollum, a fictional character from J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" series corrupted by a desire for power. The senator added:

What I've been trying to tell people, what worries me most about Trump — other than all of the other crazy things — is that I believe that he wants power, and I believe from my point of view that power corrupts and that the whole purpose of our Founding Fathers and our country was to contain power, Paul said. The Constitution was the restrain the size of government and keep power at a minimum. I don't want power to gravitate to a Republican or a Democrat. I want to contain power because I want the individual to be free.

The libertarian-leaning senator asserted that he was doing better among voters — especially younger ones — than polls might reflect in Iowa as he touted his anti-National Security Agency and pro-legalization of marijuana policies. Paul also lauded his anti-war stance and took another jab at Trump.

"Do we really want a commander in chief who is eager to use his nuclear weapons? It should disqualify him," Paul said.

Paul said that he was getting support from the younger people who weren't flocking to Democratic presidential candidate Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who Rand compared to Santa Claus giving away free gifts.

Wilmore concluded that Paul was "certainly [his] own candidate" who followed his own path.

Watch the extended interview with Paul below.

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