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Krauthammer on Who Did 'Very Well' At Debate, Who Had 'Rockiest Night' and 'Most Interesting Aspect


Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer said he felt Jeb Bush offered one of his best performances yet at Thursday's Fox News debate, while Marco Rubio struggled to explain his past positions on immigration.

Krauthammer told host Megyn Kelly that he felt Bush did "very well" throughout the night — particularly in an exchange with Rubio over a pathway to citizenship.

The syndicated columnist contended Rubio had his "rockiest night" yet and felt that when Kelly played clips of his former immigration stance he had trouble "arguing his way out of that box." His analysis ran contrary to a Frank Luntz focus group that found Rubio to be the clear winner of the debate.

Krauthammer said Chris Christie did "well" and said he has a talent for his ability to rise above the political bickering.

And despite disagreeing with many of his policy positions, Krauthammer offered praise for Rand Paul. He said that Paul "does show the importance of libertarianism as a critique to mainstream conservatism."

"Having him on the stage was an addition," he said.

The "most interesting aspect" of the night was "how little people went after" frontrunner Donald Trump, who chose to boycott the debate.

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