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Outraged' Father Lashes Out at a School and Its Students Who Stood by During Daughter's Brutal Beating


"For a good minute the girl is on top of her, hitting and hitting and no one was around to do anything.”

Credit: CBS

One father in Lakewood, Colorado, who was horrified when he watched a cell phone video of a middle school bully beating up his daughter Thursday morning, is condemning the school for its treatment of the incident.

Robert Medina was furious when he saw the footage of an 8th grade girl beating up his 7th grade daughter in a classroom at the Center of Hope School in Lakewood as fellow classmates stood by and cheered. The cell phone videos and pictures were taken by one of his daughter's friends who later told Medina that the girls changed classrooms so that no teachers would see the fight take place.

"I just couldn’t believe it. I was outraged, I was angry. I couldn’t believe something like this could happen," Medina told Denver's KDVR-TV. "For a good minute the girl is on top of her, hitting and hitting and no one was around to do anything.”

The footage shows the bully straddled atop of Medina's daughter as she brutally struck the younger girl over and over again, even getting up at one point to viciously kick her in her face and side before resuming the pummeling with her fists. The fight ended when an adult emerged upon the scene and forcibly removed the older girl from Medina's daughter.

"She could have really hurt my daughter really bad, you know?" Medina told KDVR.

Medina has directed his outrage not only toward the students who stood by and watched the bully beat his daughter but also toward the school, claiming that the school mishandled the entire situation. The Center of Hope claims that it followed all of the proper policies and procedures in the incident's aftermath.

The police were called to the scene, and both girls wound up receiving a suspension, KDVR reported.

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