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Oops: Iowa Caucus-Goer Drops F-Bomb Live on MSNBC


"When you listen in to caucuses...people often speak the way they do out on the street."

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An Iowa caucus-goer dropped the f-bomb live on MSBNC Monday night, forcing anchor Brian Williams to issue a quick apology.

The moment came as one young caucus-goer was voicing her frustrations with the VA.

"The fact that I haven't gotten benefits in three months because the VA is so f***ed up...really makes concerned," the individual said, as those around her were heard gasping.

Moments later, anchor Brian Williams cut in, apologizing to viewers.

"You know when you listen into caucuses, you take the good with the bad and people often speak the way they do out on the street and we apologize," Williams said.

Caution: Strong language

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