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High School Students Give Teacher the Finger...a New, 3-D Printed Finger


"Would you like to maybe have a finger again?"

Image source: Facebook

Minnesota high school art teacher Galen McCarthy lost his middle finger and part of his index finger in a farming accident when he was just 4 years old. Last week, under the direction of a fellow teacher, students at Jackson County Central High School designed and printed a prosthetic finger for their teacher using the school's new 3-D printer.

Image source: Facebook

Blaise Jacobsen, another art teacher at the school, told KEYC-TV, McCarthy's missing digits popped into his head when the printer arrived. Jacobsen decided to turn the creation of a prosthetic finger into a project for students.

"I just happened to come across a finger, a prosthetic finger," Jacobsen told the local station. "I knew that he had some missing, so I asked him, 'Would you like to maybe have a finger again?'"

McCarthy reportedly responded, "Yeah!" to Jacobsen and the project began.

McCarthy explained the process to WCCO-TV, “We sat down, and trial and error and a few fingers later, we got one that basically works pretty good,” adding, “I can pick up a coffee cup. I can type. Well, I’m not the world’s best typer.”

Image source: Facebook

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