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Camera Captures the 'Brilliant' and 'Casual' Way Bystander Helps Make Sure Police Catch Fleeing Suspect


"Bad guy runs from police. Good guy sticks his foot out."

Image source: Twitter

Police in London have released video of a bystander who "tripped up" a suspect running away from police.

The Kingston Police said the 17-year-old suspected drug dealer was being chased by officers on foot, when a bystander is seen casually sticking his foot out, resulting in the 17-year-old hitting the ground, Mashable reported.

"With the help of a member of the public he was detained a short time later," a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

Police tweeted video of the incident on Monday, along with a message to the bystander.

"Thank you to the member of public that recently helped @MPSGroveSNT during a foot chase! #TrippedUp #Legend," the tweet read.

BBC reporter Daniel Sandford summed up the incident perfectly in one tweet, which read, "If you haven't seen this yet....bad guy runs from police. Good guy sticks his foot out."

Another person called the move "brilliant and so casual," saying that they would like to meet the bystander.

(H/T: Mashable)

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