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Family Feud' Host Steve Harvey Is Unable to Hold It Together After Hearing Five Responses Offered by Same Contestant


"Ya'll crazy."

"Family Feud" host Steve Harvey couldn't hold it together when one contestant offered up five answers — all of which had been offered.

Image source: YouTube

Sheila, the contestant, was asked to give another way that people say "mother," other than "mama" or "mom/mommy," which were on the board already. But before it was Sheila's turn, other contestants on her team had answered "nanny" and "nana," neither of which were valid answers.

With just one more try left — or so she thought — Sheila then gave her answer, which was a variation of previous answers but said in a different way. After being given another shot by Harvey and the show's judges, the contestant went on to offer another name that had already been used — and another and another and another.

"Lemme ask y'all something," Harvey said to the family at one point. "Y'all crazy?"

After Sheila's fifth answer, Harvey finally instructed the game board operator to "just flip that s**t over."

Watch the clip below:

(Content warning: profanity)

(H/T: Mashable)

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