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Meet the Press' Host: 'Stop Worrying About Who's Second and Realize New Hampshire Is Sending a Message'


"The country's ticked off..."

NBC's "Meet the Press" host and political director, Chuck Todd, appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Tuesday and attempted to refocus the panel, directing them away from the argument over which Republican will finish second in the New Hampshire primary. "Can we stop ignoring who's going to win?" Todd asked the panel.

"Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are going to win the New Hampshire primary — six months ago we all thought that was an insane thought," said Todd.

When pressed on his prediction, Todd gave himself an out, saying, "No, I'm not 100 percent sure — it's New Hampshire."

Referring to the unexpected run both candidates have had in the weekly polls leading up to Tuesday's voting, Todd added, "It is hard to imagine that somebody who has lead in 75 straight polls, like Trump has — or with Sanders, I think he's something like 50 out of 55 — they're likely going to win."

"We should stop worrying about who's second and realize New Hampshire is sending [a message that] the country's ticked off — and New Hampshire is the first one to tell us," Todd said.

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