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Do You See a Rabbit or Duck in This 124-Year-Old Image? Here’s What Your Answer Says About You


Let us know which one you see in our poll.

Image source: TODAY Show

Take a look at this picture, published more than 100 years ago in a German magazine. Do you see an animal?

Image source: NBC News/"Today"

According to The Daily Mail, the speed with which an observer can see one animal and then identify the other is an indication of the person's creativity level.

And NBC's "Today" said that Dr. Joseph Jastrow, a psychologist, determined that those who could see both a rabbit and a duck were also capable of coming up “with five unusual uses for an everyday item,” while those who saw only one animal or the other were able to only come up “with two unexpected uses for that same everyday item.”

The Daily Mail also notes that test results can vary at different times of the year. For example, children taking the test are more likely to see a rabbit around Easter.

The image recently re-emerged on social media, with users around the world taking the personality test.

Which do you see? Let us know in our poll below:

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