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Mic Captures 'Meet the Press' Host's Reaction to Ted Cruz Comparing Scalia to Reagan — When It Re-Airs, Something's Missing


"...just as Ronald Reagan was to the Presidency, so Antonin Scalia was to the Supreme Court."

When MSNBC re-aired a Sunday clip of "Meet the Press" moderator Chuck Todd interviewing Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday, the network edited out a muttered comment from Todd that has since resulted in a bit of speculation.

During the original Sunday clip, Cruz spoke about the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away unexpectedly ate age 79 in a Texas ranch on Saturday. In the interview, Cruz can be clearly heard saying, "And, Chuck, just as Ronald Reagan was to the Presidency, so Antonin Scalia was to the Supreme Court. He had that big an impact. And I think his passing yesterday really underscores the stakes of this election."

However, things became murky when, immediately after Cruz compared Scalia to Reagan, Todd muttered something on air that some people heard as, "Oh, God," and others heard as, "No doubt."

Watch the clip below:

chuck todd enhanced - oh god? no doubt? by tommyxtopher

It still remains unclear exactly what Todd muttered during the exchange, since MSNBC has neither confirmed nor denied either interpretation. But when MSNBC re-aired the clip on Monday, it had been edited to completely remove Todd's ambiguous comment.

MSNBC's tampering with the hotly contested clip could mean one of several things, Mediaite speculated. If Todd said, "Oh, God," it's possible the network may have feared possible backlash from conservatives against Todd if they interpreted it to mean that Todd held a bias against either Reagan or Cruz.

If Todd said, "No doubt," then the network may have feared backlash from liberals who were angered that Todd may have agreed with Cruz. It's also possible that Todd was reacting to something offscreen that was completely unrelated to what Cruz was saying during the interview, but MSNBC has yet to explain the decision to stealth-edit the clip.

MSNBC Scrubs Clip of Chuck Todd's Reaction to... by tommyxtopher

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