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This Is Crazy': NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick Goes Undercover as Lyft Driver


"Well, I do that for a living."

Wearing a hat and aviator sunglasses, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick traded in her race car to be a Lyft driver for the day.

During her undercover shift in Charlotte, North Carolina, Patrick surprised her passengers by challenging other drivers to street race her.

"Buckle up for safety, you might need it," Patrick told one passenger. "My boyfriend thinks I'm a horrible driver because I don't follow the rules, I drive to fast, I ride too close."

When she came to stoplights, the NASCAR star revs her engine, taunting the cars next to her, before she speeds past them moments later.

"I try to get like 500 miles in on Sundays, and I try to do it in like under four hours," Patrick told a seemingly nervous passenger.

At the end of the clip, Patrick asks passengers if they've heard of "that girl who races," asking one passenger what he thinks of her. They were all, of course, shocked to learn that their driver was, in fact, "that girl who races."

"Well, I do that for a living," she said with a smile.

"This is crazy," one passenger told Patrick. "So cool," another said.

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