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Intense Helmet Cam Footage Captures Biker's Near-Death Experience



One motorcyclist who was recently driving near Nakhon Ratchasima in Thailand was shocked to see a bear lunge out of the woods and head straight toward him as he zoomed past him along the winding road.

A camera attached to the unnamed biker's helmet shows the biker and his passenger cruising along the road and passing cars and other cyclists, according to Mashable, but as the pair entered a more wooded area, things took a surprising twist just as the man was coming out of a left turn.

The video footage shows a bear charging randomly out of the woods directly at the riders as the man swerves to the right to avoid a collision with the furry fiend.

"Whoa!" the driver shouted after the close-encounter with the bear, swerving a bit further as he slowed down and took another left turn along the road, according to Mashable. The driver and his passenger can be heard exchanging words with each other as they go on their way.

It remains unclear whether or not the bear was attempting to attack the motorcyclists or whether it merely wished to the cross the road.

(H/T: Mashable)

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