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Glenn Beck Writes Impassioned Facebook Letter to Sarah Palin: 'You Are Better Than This


"Please tell us it isn't you writing these horrible media matters lies and smears."

Getty Images/David Calvert

Conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck doesn't think Sarah Palin is the person actually writing her Facebook posts.

"Who is writing your Facebook page because I know it isn't you," Beck wrote in a Facebook post Thursday night in response to a Palin post earlier in the day.

Palin — who has endorsed GOP front-runner Donald Trump and continues to stump for the billionaire — penned a Facebook post Thursday tearing into Trump's main GOP rival: Ted Cruz. She ripped Cruz for being part of the Washington establishment of career politicians and declared Trump's campaign "positive."

Glenn Beck speaks at a Ted Cruz rally in Reno, Nevada, Feb. 22. (Getty Images/David Calvert)

Beck — who has endorsed Cruz and regularly hits the campaign trail for the Texas senator — pleaded with Palin in his letter, saying that it's not like her to use "lies" and "distortions" to hurt others.

"You are better than this," he said. "After all your family has been through after all of the lies and smears you have weathered to now use known lies and distortions to hurt others is just not you. It is really sad for those of us who have watched, defended and rooted for you for many years."

Though they don't agree on who should be president next, Beck said that Palin's blatant lies are the "saddest tale yet" in her career.

"I remember the woman who sat on my set when I told her she gave me hope that we could win, that decent people still had power," Beck wrote.

To conclude his short letter, Beck reminded Palin that no human is perfect but challenged her to deny writing the "horrible media matters lies and smears" that have become her Facebook posts.

"We are not perfect people. Neither of us. It is what makes us human. But what makes us divine is when we try to be better everyday," Beck said. "Please tell us it isn't you writing these horrible media matters lies and smears."

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