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Sanders Spox Posts This Photo After Clinton Claims He Hasn't Always Advocated Healthcare Reform: 'Literally, Standing Right Behind Her


"Where was he when I was trying to get healthcare in '93 and '94?"

(Photo by J.D. Pooley/Getty Images)

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton took aim at rival Bernie Sanders' record on healthcare reform during a campaign rally in St. Louis on Saturday. However, it doesn't appear the former secretary of state had her facts straight.

Clinton claimed that Sanders, who has made healthcare reform a key tenet of his presidential campaign, has not always supported the issue. Clinton said she has "a little chuckle to myself" when she thinks about today's focus on healthcare policy.

"I don't know," Clinton said. "Where was he when I was trying to get healthcare in '93 and '94?"

That comment quickly backfired when the answer made its way to Twitter. Ironically, Sanders was standing right behind Clinton when she delivered a 1994 press conference on the issue of healthcare reform.

"Literally, standing right behind her," Sanders spokesman Mike Casca tweeted along with a photo from the presser showing Sanders standing directly behind the then-first lady as she spoke about the White House's proposed plan to overhaul healthcare.

But the Clinton campaign didn't let Casca go without a fight. A spokeswoman for the front-runner's campaign issued a response, saying, "Exactly, he was standing behind her."

"She was out in front," Clinton spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri added.

Shooting back at Palmieri, Casca then shared a 1993 image of Sanders and Clinton with a written message from the former first lady: "Thanks for your commitment to real healthcare access for all Americans."

"Secretary Clinton and Bernie are sitting next to each other in this photo," Casca tweeted. "What does it all mean, [Palmieri]?!"

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