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Be Careful Bernie': Trump Accuses Sanders of 'Lying' About Sending His Supporters to Disrupt Trump's Weekend Rallies


"I'm treated very unfairly."

Donald Trump (Image source: CNN)

Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are arguing back and forth over who is to blame for the escalating violence and protests that disrupted Trump's campaign rallies this weekend.

When Trump spoke with CNN's Jake Tapper Sunday on "State of the Union," he claimed that he "should get credit, not be scorned," for his efforts in handling the violence that erupted during his Chicago rally on Friday night and his Saturday rally in Dayton, Ohio.

"You had professional disruptors, thousands of them, from Sanders and to a smaller extent, Hillary [Clinton]," Trump said concerning the Chicago rally that he ultimately canceled after the tension between protesters and supporters turned violent and causes significant security concerns.

Jake Tapper and Donald Trump (Image source: CNN)

Trump told Tapper that conservatives were being "treated so unfairly," adding, "I'm treated very unfairly," according to CNN.

In a Saturday interview with Tapper, Sanders responded to the violence at Trump's campaign events, declaring that said his own campaign "had nothing to do" with what happened in Chicago as he urged his supporters to refrain from further unauthorized violence.

"I would hope that my supporters would not disrupt meetings. To protest is one thing, to disrupt is something else," Sanders said as he went on to criticize Trump, CNN noted. "Even [Trump's] Republican colleagues make this point: His language, his intonation, when he talks about carrying people out in stretchers ... this is a man who keeps implying violence, and then you end up getting what you seek."

Rather than accepting any blame for the violence that occurred during his rallies, Trump fired back at Sanders and issued a warning to the Vermont senator via Twitter early Sunday morning.

"Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my events," Trump tweeted. "Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!"

Although Trump later told Tapper that his tweet was not meant to be a personal threat aimed at Sanders, he reaffirmed his displeasure with Sander's supporters warned of the disastrous consequences that would occur if the Vermont senator's campaign events were similarly interrupted.

"If conservative Republicans ever went into his rally, you would see things happen that would be unbelievable," Trump said, according to CNN.

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