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Glenn Beck Outlines Eight Predictions He's Made Since 1999 That He Believes Have Come True
Glenn Beck discusses past predictions on The Glenn Beck Radio Program Thursday, March 17. (Image: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck Outlines Eight Predictions He's Made Since 1999 That He Believes Have Come True

"They mocked and mocked and mocked on that."

During his radio broadcast Thursday morning, Glenn Beck outlined eight predictions he made starting in 1999 — all of which, he says, have come to fruition.

The first, Beck says, was in 1999, when he was a radio host on WABC-AM, and he predicted that the now-deceased al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden would attack the United States.

"In 1999, I said, 'Are you ready to fight terror? It's a completely different world. Osama bin Laden — there will be blood, bodies and buildings in the streets,'" Beck said.

From there, the conservative firebrand continued to build his list of past predictions.

Glenn Beck discusses past predictions on The Glenn Beck Radio Program Thursday. (Image: TheBlaze TV)

Beck said he saw the "downfall of the GOP" coming in 2003 or 2004, when he started to feel "something isn't right."

"If anybody is a long-term listener," Beck said, "they remember that I would talk on the air and say to everybody in Washington, 'Do you realize what's happening? Do you realize that you're disenfranchising people?'"

During the re-election of President George W. Bush in 2004, Beck said he was predicting the bursting of the housing bubble and the banking crisis, which came in 2008. The radio show host said he told listeners, "Don't take out these loans."

Beck's radio show co-host Stu Burguiere chimed in, saying Beck was focusing a lot on radical Islam at that time, too. "Yeah, that was the rise of Iran," Beck agreed.

"I was the only one — remember how everybody said that we were crazy when I said, 'Wait. We've got to start talking about the Mahdi. We have to start talking about the Twelfth Imam,'" Beck said.

In 2008, Beck said he predicted what he described as "the hatreds of the '30s," the rise of Nazism and anti-semitism, specifically in Europe. Anti-semitism has been a growing problem in Europe since the start of the Syrian refugee crisis last year.

British Justice Minister Michael Gove said Thursday during a speech at an inter-parliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism Conference in Berlin, Germany, that "modern anti-semitism finds a home in far too many hearts."

"Europe is on the verge of complete collapse," Beck said.

Beck went on to say he also predicted the rise of socialism in the United States and the "unmasking of the Marxists." Radio show host Pat Gray pointed to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.), a self-avowed democratic socialist, as proof of that prediction.

"In 2008, I said, 'They're going to start admitting that they're Marxists and socialists,'" Beck remarked.

Beck then said he predicted the rise of the "Bubba Effect" — a common theme for the radio personality — in 2008. The "Bubba Effect" is when people begin to feel they have been pushed too far by an overbearing government and begin to respond in violence.

Beck credits the "Bubba Effect" for the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland, along with last week's violent protests in Chicago ahead of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's canceled rally.

Lastly, Beck said he predicted in 2010 the rise of the Islamic caliphate in the Middle East, which today is the Islamic State. "They mocked and mocked and mocked on that," Gray said.

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