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Comedian Gavin McInnes Is Sure to Ruffle Some Feathers With His Uncensored Message to Single Moms: 'Grow Up


"Child abuse."

Controversial comedian and author Gavin McInnes has set his sights on a new target: Single moms.

In a new video for Rebel Media, McInnes rails against women who brag about how “cool” it is to be a single mom when, in his opinion, the situation is generally terrible for everyone involved — especially the kids. Instead, McInnes said more couples should work harder on making their relationships and marriages work for the sake of the children.

“Grow up. Being a single mom sucks,” he said. “It sucks for everyone, especially the children who you brought into this world.”

McInnes also called women who willingly become single moms through a process like adoption are actually committing a form of “child abuse.” To back up his claim, he cited research from Princeton University that suggests boys are “significantly more likely to end up in jail or prison by the time they turn 30 if they are raised by a single mother.”

Watch the clip below (Warning: strong language):


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