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Hispanic Officer at Trump Protest Responds to Protesters' Chants About 'Racist-A** Police


"No justice, no peace, no racist-a** police!"

Image source: Leigh Munsil

Donald Trump protesters congregated about four miles from a Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona, Saturday morning.

Common topics addressed were the Republican front-runner's controversial stance on immigration and alleged racism within the police force.

One officer at the demonstration, a Hispanic man who would only offer his last name, Gonzales, told a protester that he took "offense" to the crowd's chants of "no justice, no peace, no racist-ass police!"

When pressed to answer why, Officer Gonzales simply stated, "It's ignorance."

"Excuse me, officer, do you feel like law enforcement is racist?" the officer was asked.

"Well, we got mixed races in there and involved, so yeah, it's got some race in it," he replied.

"But were you offended to hear the protestors say that officers are racist?" the cop was pressed.

"That's just kind of funny," Gonzales said. "I get it all the time. Then they look at the color of my skin and they say, 'Aww, I'm sorry.'"

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