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What a Man Started Shouting at Brussels Attack Memorial Prompted Boos All Around


"Many people booed, shouting for him to 'focus on Brussels today.'"

Breaking the silence of the vigil, the man shouted, "Palestine! Palestine! Palestine!" (Image source: Twitter/Dana_Regev)

During an otherwise somber gathering at a large Brussels square paying tribute to those slain in last week’s terrorist attacks, one man positioned himself at the center of the crowd and repeatedly shouted, “Palestine!”

He was booed emphatically by the crowd standing around the makeshift memorial Saturday filled with flowers, candles and memorial notes in Brussels’ Place de la Bourse.

DW reporter Dana Regev who captured the moment on video observed that the agitator was led away, sparking a round of applause from those paying tribute to the victims of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks on the Brussels airport and subway station.

Though his full sentence was not captured in the video, Regev reported that the man was demanding, "Justice for Palestine!"

“Many people booed, shouting for him to ‘focus on Brussels today,’ saying that ‘Belgium is strong.’ Others cheered and applauded his statements,” she added.

The man’s outburst followed a separate incident last week in the same city square in which a woman dressed in a Muslim hijab headscarf ripped an Israeli flag, one of many national flags placed at the makeshift memorial, likely by tourists from around the world paying their respects for those killed.

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