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Krauthammer Explains What 'Disturbs' Him About Trump's Abortion Remark: It's 'Not That He Got It Wrong


Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday evening that he was disturbed by a controversial abortion remark Donald Trump made — but not because the Republican frontrunner "got it wrong."

Earlier in the day, Trump said that if abortion were to be outlawed, there should be some legal penalty imposed on any women who were to undergo the procedure. The billionaire later walked his comment back and said he would actually punish doctors, not the women.

"What disturbs me is not that he got it wrong," Krauthammer said on the Fox News Channel. "It's what it shows about his attitude toward the facts, or toward the issues. This is fairly elementary."

Krauthammer noted that Trump initially thought many conservatives believe women who have abortions should be punished.

"Anybody who's been on this issue who knows the pro-life community, who knows what the arguments are and what people really believe, knows that is not true. That is not the position of anybody on the pro-life side," Krauthammer said. "That is the position that the pro-choice people attribute — this kind of hard-heartedness — to the pro-life side. And that's apparently what Trump imbibed."

The syndicated columnist said Trump has displayed a "lack of curiosity" on the issues or he would have known the position of the pro-life side. That, Krauthammer said, was the real problem.

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