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‘Tara! Tara! Please Stop!’: CNN Panel Discussing Trump Campaign Manager Descends Into Chaos

‘Tara! Tara! Please Stop!’: CNN Panel Discussing Trump Campaign Manager Descends Into Chaos

"I would watch your words."

A CNN panel descended into chaos Wednesday night when two panelists clashed over Republican front-runner Donald Trump and his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

The argument started when CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany said it was irresponsible for a group of female journalists to call for the firing of Lewandowski.

"One of the highest journalistic ethics, one of the highest principles of our criminal justice system, is innocence until proven guilty," McEnany said. "[I]'m quite frankly ashamed that women who are journalists would go out and presume this man guilty in the court of public opinion."

That comment set off CNN contributor Tara Setmayer.

"I find it astonishing that this is the first time that I've heard Kayleigh say the word 'ashamed.' But she's ashamed of women standing up for another woman who was assaulted by the campaign manager of her candidate. This is the first time she's ashamed?" Setmayer asked.

"You're not ashamed of the fact that Donald Trump has called women 'fat pigs'? You're not ashamed by the fact that said he was going to pay for the legal fees of someone who assaulted a protester? You're not ashamed of the fact that Donald Trump can never apologize for anything?" Setmayer continued.

"I've said I don't like those things, Tara," McEnany quipped.

"But you didn't use the word 'ashamed.' You weren't ashamed of those things. But you're ashamed of women standing up for someone else," Setmayer fired back.

McEnany defended herself by noting that she had previously condemned some of Trump's actions and remarks. She then warned Setmayer against "defaming" Lewandowski on national television.

"I would watch your words," McEnany said. "Because that's a violation of the highest principle of journalistic ethics."

"Are you kidding me?" Setmayer asked.

"You're not concerned about Donald Trump's words when he lies in one sentence — he says one thing and says something else. You're not concerned about Donald Trump when he says women should be punished for abortions and then changes his mind three hours later," Setmayer added.

McEnany said she had not been asked about Trump's abortion comments while Setmayer kept pummeling away at her.

"Tara! Tara! Please stop!" McEnany said as the conversation went off the rails.

"I'm tired of people putting words into my mouth, Tara," she added. "I'm tired of you saying that I said something about his abortion comments when I haven't been asked about that. You need to stop generalizing about things that I haven't commented on."

(H/T: Mediaite)

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