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Glenn Beck Reveals the Hot Mic Comment He Thinks Is Clinton's 'Please Clap' Moment of Her Campaign


"Not going well. Kind of going the low-energy, Jeb Bush route."

A little more than two months ago, a downtrodden Jeb Bush, who has since exited the 2016 Republican presidential race, asked his audience to "please clap" for him. Now Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is suffering from an equally "low energy" campaign, according to Glenn Beck.

"We have the Hillary Clinton off-mic kind of Jeb Bush moment of, 'Please clap,'" Beck said Thursday on The Glenn Beck Radio Program. "Here's Hillary Clinton, not knowing that she is on microphone. Her mic was on. Here she's feeling a little pressure from Bernie Sanders."

Following Clinton's 13-point loss to rival Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin's primary Tuesday, the former secretary of state seemed discouraged after delivering a speech in the Badger State that evening.

"Thank you, we've gotta get the energy going," Clinton can be heard saying to another person onstage as she received very mild applause from her Wisconsin audience. "Thank you, all."

According to Beck, that was a devastating moment for Clinton.

"Wow," the radio show host said. "Not going well. Kind of going the low-energy, Jeb Bush route."

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