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Shut Up' About Guns: Former Liberal N.Y. State Senator Rebukes Clinton Over Attacks on Sanders' Gun Record


Prominent former New York State Senator Thomas Duane (D-NYC) issued a a rebuke to Hillary Clinton Wednesday night, suggesting her recent attacks on rival Bernie Sanders over his stance on the Second Amendment were disingenuous.

"When Hillary was running for Senate ... she was like Annie Oakley," said Duane, who represented New York City's liberal Greenwich Village neighborhood until 2012.

"She was like shooting ducks," he added. "Bill was shooting ducks. Some of them were caged ducks."

Clinton has recently sought to paint Sanders' record on gun control as soft, suggesting he was complicit with gun manufacturers and that his Second Amendment record, forged in the gun friendly state of Vermont, was less than progressive.

Duane, who spoke openly about being both gay and HIV positive as part of a long introduction for Bernie Sanders, admonished Clinton to lay off on that particular line of attack.

"Does anyone seriously think... Bernie Sanders wants people with machine guns running around the city?" he asked. "She should shut up about that."

"Put it to bed," he added. "Don't talk about it. Hillary stop. Stop. Don't do it any more. Its a red herring. You shot ducks."

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