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Watch ‘Fight for 15’ Union Workers' Reaction When Asked How Much Their Union President Gets Paid


“Fight for $15” protests to increase the federal minimum wage took place across the country last week.

America Rising Squared, a conservative media and research organization, posted two videos Monday featuring Service Employees International Union members protesting in solidarity with the “Fight for 15” movement’s “Day of Action.”

“Fight for 15” protests to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour took place across the country last week.

In an effort to find out who these protesters are and how much they know about the organization that employs them, America Rising Squared teams took to the sidewalks of Cleveland, Ohio, and Charlotte, North Carolina, to conduct interviews.

The first video shows a “Fight for 15” protest against a Cleveland McDonald’s restaurant. When America Rising Squared staff ask the protesters if they are employed, they confirm that they actually work for SEIU, not the McDonald’s where the they were holding the Thursday demonstration.

When asked if they know how much SEIU President Mary Kay Henry makes, the protesters flatly refused to answer:

The media outlet reported that Henry makes $296,549 per year — about $143 an hour assuming a 40-hour work week — according to the union’s latest financial disclosure.

The top national organizer for the “Fight for 15” movement, Kendall Fells, makes $150,214, or about $72 an hour. Fells is paid by SEIU.

The second video shows a “Fight for 15” protest at another McDonald’s in Charlotte. The protester in this video confesses that she doesn’t know how much SEIU’s president makes:

America Rising Squared, a project launched by the conservative America Rising PAC, explained on their website that their purpose in recording the protest was to expose “big labor-funded protests manned by union members who don’t even work at the fast food establishments they claim to speak for.”

Last week, the organization posted a video of an Austin, Texas, Taco Bell employee telling “Fight for 15” protesters to leave her store so she can do her job. The clip quickly went viral.

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