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Sheriff David Clarke: Officers Accused in Freddie Gray Case Are 'Political Prisoners


"There was no basis whatsoever under the rule of law to charge those officers — none."

Outspoken African-American sheriff of Milwaukee County, David A. Clarke Jr., brought his controversial message to New York City last week saying he believes the six Baltimore police officers being prosecuted for the death of Freddie Gray are "political prisoners."

"In my estimation the six officer who were charged in the Freddie Gray incident in Baltimore, Maryland, they were political prisoners," he said.

"There was no basis whatsoever under the rule of law to charge those officers — none," added Clarke.

In particular, Clarke, who was speaking at  dinner hosted by Hillsdale College, said he took issue with the words of Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who announced charges against the officers saying she had heard the city's "call for 'no justice, no peace.'"

"She was going to to try to make it right for the cop-haters," he said. "[T]hat's not how I want lady justice talking."

Earlier in the speech Clarke also argued that Darren Wilson, the Ferguson officer known for shooting and killing Michael Brown, "defended his life under the rule of law." Clarke also suggested that the riots that followed that shooting in Ferguson, were orchestrated by activists looking to create chaos.

"These people were waiting," he said. "These cop haters, these anarchists, they were waiting for one of these to turn into a political construct. This didn't happen by chance."

Clarke has been on of the most vocal critics of the Black Lives Matter movement, saying that his main focus is "defending cops."

"I've got to defend this profession, because no one else is or very few are," Clarke told Reuters earlier this year.

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