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Cruz Confronted by Upset Trump Supporter: ‘How Can You Have Delegates Without a Vote?’


"[H]ow can you justify that and how can you say you aren't the establishment candidate?"

A Donald Trump supporter confronted Ted Cruz Monday, asking the Texas senator how he can "justify" his strategy to win the support of unbound delegates.

"We haven't even voted at a local level yet, so how can you justify that and how can you say you aren't the establishment candidate?" Kathy Hiel asked Cruz at a campaign stop outside an Indiana ice cream shop.

"In Colorado, 65,000 people voted," Cruz replied. "The people that voted are the grassroots activists, the exact opposite of the establishment."

Since Cruz swept all the delegates in Colorado, Trump has criticized the system and argued that it is "rigged." The Cruz campaign has maintained it is simply following the rules everyone agreed to and that Trump is only unhappy because the outcome was unfavorable to him.

Hiel asked if Colorado or Wyoming was the state where "no vote was ever cast."

"The problem was that Donald Trump and his campaign said no vote was cast in Colorado, 65,000 people voted," Cruz said.

"Indiana has no votes cast and we have our delegates chosen to the national committee still," Hiel said. "[H]ow can you have delegates without a vote?"

Cruz told Hiel that "every state sets up different rules" and that he doesn't control them, but contended that he has fought the establishment "every day" of his political career.

According to ABC News, the exchange ended when Hiel said Cruz isn't a natural-born citizen. She later identified herself as a Trump supporter and told the outlet that Cruz should "step out" of the race.

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