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For the Record': Why Another Spike In Health Insurance Means It's Being Used Wrong


The former head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services says that you should expect another big hike in your health insurance premiums in the coming year.

"I think the overall trend is going to be higher than we saw previous years," said Marilyn Tavenner. "That’s my big prediction.”

Many experts say that the problem with health insurance is how it's used. Instead of being utilized only in catastrophic situations, like auto and homeowners insurance, many health insurance policies cover routine appointments and basic prescriptions. That conceals the true cost of care and leads to higher rates.

The Affordable Care Act doubled-down on this, forcing insurance companies to offer policies that cover a wide range of services such as birth control — to all women, even those who are postmenopausal.

For the Record spoke with William Short, the CEO of Ameriflex, a company that provides medical billing services, about his unique approach to health care. Short designed a plan for his employees that combines catastrophic insurance coverage with access to high-quality concierge medical care. Short’s plan is quickly becoming the model for managing the financial disaster that the Affordable Care Act has become for millions of small businesses and their employees.

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