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WWE Match Comes to Unscheduled End as Wrestler Enzo Amore Suffers Scary-Looking Injury


It was no acting job.

Professional wrestling is well known for its theater and dramatics as participants rev up crowds with loud takedowns and body slams, but the end of one match Sunday was no acting job.

After Enzo Amore was thrown toward the ropes during his tag-team match at WWE Payback, his face clipped the middle rope and the back of his head slammed on the mat. His head appeared to hit the floor after he landed outside the ring.

Image source: YouTube

A rival wrestler attempted to continue the match with the motionless Amore outside the ring, but an official quickly put a stop to it — and the match came to an unexpected end.

The WWE Payback event continued, ESPN said, but the WWE provided Twitter updates on Amore's condition.

Amore was taken from the venue on a stretcher and to a Chicago hospital where he was diagnosed with a concussion, ESPN reported, adding that he was discharged that night.

Amore's real name is Eric Arndt, the outlet reported, and he's been with the WWE since 2012. He played football at Salisbury University in Maryland from 2007 to 2009, ESPN added.

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