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Cruz's N.J. Chair Refers to Trump as 'Hillary Clinton With a Penis


"All I asked was for a delegate count."

Image source: YouTube

When the New Jersey state chairman for the Ted Cruz campaign compared GOP presidential rival Donald Trump to Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton Tuesday, he invoked more than just their policy positions.

Steve Lonegan, former mayor of Bogota, New Jersey, who was appointed to Cruz's team in December, referred to Trump as "Hillary Clinton with a penis" during a discussion about Indiana's GOP primary on CNN.

"Ted Cruz is going to do very well tonight. He will outperform expectations like he always does," Lonegan said. "I don’t believe the conservative base of this party is ready to throw everything over to Donald Trump. In essence, we’re not going to nominate Hillary Clinton with a penis."

After an awkward pause, anchor Kate Bolduan jokingly asked, "Why do you guys always throw around the crazy on my show?"

"All I asked was for a delegate count," she said, adding that Lonegan was in "time out."

Trump is ahead by 10.8 points in Indiana ahead of the state's primary, according to Real Clear Politics' aggregated polling data.

(H/T: Buzzfeed News)

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