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Hannity Says It's 'Extremely Shallow' for People to Blame Him for Rise of Trump


"Some of you out there, let's see, are blaming Fox News or talk radio."

Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity took a swipe at critics during a seven-minute monologue Wednesday night, contending it is "extremely shallow" to place blame on him for the rise of Donald Trump.

Hannity, who has come under fire from Never-Trumpers for promoting the billionaire throughout the election cycle, denied having enough influence to sway the Republican electorate.

"Some of you out there, let's see, are blaming Fox News or talk radio. By the way, personally, I wish I had that much power and that much influence. I don't. Neither does anyone else. If I did, Obama would never have been president," Hannity said.

The conservative host added, "Now, those of you who have that analysis, I think it's extremely shallow and, by the way, predicated on this notion that people were stupid. People were bamboozled. Sorry, I don't buy that for one second."

Hannity contended that the "voter rebellion" was a result of anger at Washington and that those who flocked to the polls knew exactly what they were casting their ballots for.

Others have seemed to disagree. Earlier this year, an "angry" Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) confronted Hannity at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference and told him that what he is doing is "bull."

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