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Dwyane Wade's Potentially Game Deciding Shot Got Stuck on the Back of the Rim


"It just sits there!" the sportscaster shouted.

Of all the things the Miami Heat prepared for, this probably wasn't on the list.

In the final seconds of overtime in a game between the Heat and the Toronto Raptors Monday night, the Heat needed to score a win to avoid a 3-1 series deficit. So Dwyane Wade tried to settle the score.

With a driving layup, Wade hoisted the ball to the hoop. But once it got there, it didn't leave. The basketball just perched on the back of the rim.

"It just sits there!" the sportscaster shouted.

A ball getting stuck along the side of the hoop is not that uncommon, but behind the rim is very rare. And, based on Wade's teammates' responses from the bench, they knew just how rare it was.

"Waiting, waiting — they just keep waiting," the sportscaster said of the onlooking teammates.

Ultimately, it didn't cost the Heat the game, though. They went on to win the game 94-87.

Watch the instant replay:

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